Ten Intelligences

Origin of the Ten Intelligences

Approximately 50,000 years ago, men created fire by heating up timber using friction; through the intelligence of bodily activity, they enriched their food by catching fish or hunting; through the intelligence of languages, they interacted with one another; through the intelligence of interpersonal relationships, they formed tribes; through the intelligence of detection and intuition, they foresaw the future of the tribe using divination, through the intelligence of art creation, they created tangible objects for worshipping and faith that not only congealed the strength of the tribe, but also provided a sense of belonging in life. Until roughly 8,000 years ago, men created words through the intelligence of languages and established the concept of knowledge inheritance; 5,000 years ago, through the intelligence of math and logistic, as well as vision and space, men constructed the Pyramid; thereafter, through the intelligence of observation, research and development, as well as self-introspection, men invented a variety of lifestyle items, while they also used the intelligence of self-introspection to launch human beings into the modern civilization and the technological future.

Today, men employ various forms of intelligence to make the rapid developments in modern technology possible; not only are planes weighing over 100 tons launched into the sky, space ships are sent to Jupiter 56 million kilometers away for research, and people have even dived to the ocean floor 8,180 meters deep for exploration. Furthermore, they have also developed an array of astonishing high-tech products, for instance: Research on the animal gene engineering, agamogenesis, capsule endoscope, artificial organs etc., the objective is to extend the longevity of the human race and constantly enhance the quality of life. All of these advancements are as a result of the human's ability to capitalize on the various forms of intelligences.

Due to the active use of the different intelligences by men, they are able to outshine countless other species to become the most extraordinary species on the planet. As far as the development history of mankind is concerned, the origin of the intelligences should be to create things or objects that are deemed important during the era within a specific time and space background, such wisdom and ability is referred to as intelligence.

LONPOS has divided intelligence into ten categories according to different attributes and characteristics for the reference and research by various fields.