Ten Intelligences

Thr intelligence of Art creation

The intelligence of art creation is a wisdom and ability which involves the ability to easily use, feel, imagine, appreciate and apply the characteristic to life or work.

The characteristics of this intelligence are: Inherently innovative in thinking, able to appreciate all materials, forms, sounds, lights, colors, lines and textures in life; they also like to demonstrate unique aesthetics. The creative process of art usually involves: Observation, experience, imagination, selection, combination and presentation. Art creation intelligence is a wisdom and ability which amalgamates the sensation of feeling, imagination and appreciation, as well as to express unique understanding and perspective through creative processes. Those lacking in this intelligence may strengthen art creation intelligence through systematic, advanced, constant, structural and diverse learning, or by operating art creation related entertainment and games.

Those with strong art creation intelligence is suited to art-related jobs such as painting, music, art, sculpture and design etc., if they also possess other types of intelligence, the energy of one plus one being greater than two may be generated through alternate application of the intelligence. The future potential fields of development include: Art creation intelligence combined with body activity intelligence will result in musicians and dancers; for architects, the intelligence of art creation, vision and space, math and logic are prerequisites; sculptors require art creation, vision, space and body activity intelligence; calligraphists need to have art creation and languages intelligence. As for fashion designers who are always at the cutting edge of trend, they require the intelligence of art creation, detection and intuition, observation as well as self-introspection etc.