Ten Intelligences

The intelligence of Body activity

The intelligence of body activity is a wisdom and ability which allows people to easily express their thoughts through their body or body language, as well as to further apply the intelligence in life or work.

The stronger characteristics of this intelligence are: Unable to remain stationary for long periods of time, likes to dismantle or assemble objects, able to modify or produce objects easily with skillful hands and likes various physical entertainment or outdoor activities. People with the intelligence of body activity think and learn through their body or extremities, and their conversations are often accompanied by hand gestures or body languages.

Those with stronger intelligence of body activity are inherently strong in: Hand-eye coordination, body dexterity, nimbleness, tactile receptivity, balance etc.; those lacking the intelligence of body activity may engage in games that require the use of fingers, body, extremities or outdoor sports to cultivate such intelligence.

People with stronger intelligence of body activity are suited to be involved in extremity-related industries such as: Surgeons, magicians or athletes; if people also possesses other types of intelligence, energies of one plus one being greater than two may be generated if the intelligence is used in alternation. For such people, the expected potential future development fields may include: Those with finger nimbleness derived from body activity intelligence and the intelligence of observation may become micro-surgeons; sports coaches require body activity intelligence, vision and space intelligence; those equipped with the intelligence of body activity, art creation, space and vision may become magicians, while the intelligence of body activity and art creation may form sculpture artists.