Ten Intelligences

The intelligence of Detection and intuition

The intelligence of detection and intuition is a wisdom or ability to easily make use of existing strengths in the brain to determine the possible future transformations of current things through the subconscious and to apply such intelligence to life or work.

People with stronger detection and intuition intelligence tend to: Decide how to go about doing something without too much thinking, they are able to find solutions for problems based on their instincts in a short period of time. However, those with the intelligence of detection and intuition usually come from two different energy sources:

The first energy source comes from the application of nine existing intelligences such as body activity, math, logic, vision, space, languages, interpersonal relationship, self-introspection, observation, research, development and art creation; thereafter, the nine intelligence are internalized as a subconscious instinct. Usually, under such circumstances, those possessing detection and intuition intelligence tend to become the pioneers or leaders in various industries. People wanting to obtain the first detection and intuition intelligence may do so by constantly accumulating the other nine intelligences to enhance their detection and intuition ability.

The second energy comes from the sixth sense, which is still unexplainable by science today. For instance, the inherent magnetic field and spirit world sensing ability or psychic ability etc. For those with stronger detection and intuition intelligence, if they also possess other types of intelligence, the energy of one plus one being greater than two may be generated through alternate application of the intelligence. The future potential fields of development include: Outstanding detectives require detection, intuition and body activity intelligence, prophets need detection, intuition and observation intelligence, while futures analysts must possess the intelligence of detection, intuition, math and logic etc.