Ten Intelligences

The inelligence of Interpersonal relationships

Interpersonal relationship intelligence is a wisdom or ability to observe and understand other's emotions, intentions, motives, feelings and apply the intelligence to life or work.

The evident characteristics of people possessing this intelligence are: Higher than usual EQ, more introverted personality, good at observing other’s emotional reactions, tones, actions and make the appropriate responses. This type of people are more sensitive towards other people’s emotions, facial expressions, sounds or body movements; they like to participate in group activities and are willing to actively help others or guide/suggest others on how to do things, this is also one of their qualities.

People with this type of intelligence have strengths such as: Optimistic and active attitude, like to interact with people, self confident and has stronger will to withstand setbacks. Those lacking this intelligence should make more new friends or take on positions in group/organizations and participate in group social activities; moreover, they may also operate games that require interactions from multiple people to strengthen this intelligence.

Those who possess such intelligence will be suited for the diplomatic corps, sales work or jobs that require communications and coordination; if they also possess other types of intelligence, the energy of one plus one being greater than two may be generated through alternate application of the intelligence. The future potential fields of development include: Good interpersonal relationship intelligence coupled with intelligence of self-introspection result in opinion leaders or high level executives; if they are equipped with languages and observation intelligence, they may be suited for diplomatic jobs or become a political figure. For group sport events such as basketball or rugby, in addition to body activity intelligence, higher interpersonal relationship intelligence is also needed to communicate/coordinate with teammates and obtain victory.