Ten Intelligences

The intelligence of Math and logic

The intelligence of math and logistic is a wisdom and ability to effectively utilize numbers, reasoning and scientific logic, and to apply the intelligence to life or work.

The characteristics of this intelligence are: More sensitive towards numbers, logical thinking, cause-effect and relative relationships, they are good at solving problems rationally. During everyday life, they learn through statistics, reasoning and logic, they also like to propose questions and conduct testing/verifying to search of the answer, thereby discovering the logic, order and rhythm of things. They also express strong interest in anything related to statistics or logic.

The strengths of this intelligence are: Strong reasoning and number concepts. Those lacking in this intelligence may cultivate it by playing chess or operating certain math and logic related games.

People with strong math and logic intelligence are more suited to become scientists, engineers, financiers and accountants etc, if they also possess other types of intelligence, the energy of one plus one being greater than two may be generated through alternate application of the intelligence. The future potential fields of development include: Those featuring math, logic, vision and space intelligence will become billiard experts, those with the intelligence of math, logic, research and development will become inventors. Assuming the individual possesses math, logic and languages intelligence at the same time, the person may become a commentator; if the person has math, logic, observation, detection and intuition intelligence, the individual may become an outstanding attorney general.