Ten Intelligences

The intelligence of Research and development

Research and development intelligence is a wisdom and ability to make use of different perspectives to resolve problems and to apply the intelligence to life or work.

The characteristics of this intelligence are: Abundant imagination, association and execution abilities, they like to dismantle or modify objects and often present a unique perspective towards the existing form or functions of objects. In everyday life, they frequently propose unique thinking perspectives and astonishing statements; they like to challenge rules and limitations and ask questions such as why can’ this be done or why can’t that be done? Those with strong research and development intelligence possess strengths such as: Able to use logic, experience coupled with tangible or abstract thinking interchangeably to create new things and objects.

Those lacking in this intelligence may cultivate such quality by participating in convergent/divergent thinking activities, or by operating games and products related to research and development.

Those with stronger design and development intelligence are suited for creative imagination, research, design and invention related works, if they also possess other types of intelligence, the energy of one plus one being greater than two may be generated through alternate application of the intelligence. The future potential fields of development include: Those possessing the intelligence of research and development, vision and space, detection and intuition may become mechanical or interior designers. Product designers not only require research and development intelligence but also the intelligence of self-introspection and art creation. For IC designers, they must possess research, development, math, logic and observation intelligence.