Ten Intelligences

The intelligence of Self-introspection

Self-introspection is a wisdom or ability which is able to unravel the true values of things and objects through reflection and introspection, and to apply the intelligence in life or work.

The characteristics of this intelligence are: Tend to put oneself in others’ position and understand others, while being aware of the due change in intrinsic values or behaviors. In everyday life, they proactively try to understand their pros and cons and their difference from others through the various feedback channels; they like to meditate and explore the current stage of work and whether the future targets require to be revised. Through constant introspection, self adjustment and transformation, the trait of this category of people is to accomplish constant improvements.

The strengths of people possessing this intelligence are: Good introspection ability, often consider the relative importance of things and objects through repetitive deliberation; those lacking in this intelligence may read books with different views, through different perspectives and discussions, they may explore in depth the contradictions and thereby think of a way to make sense of it all.

People with strong self-introspection intelligence are suited for works related to law, religion and ethics, if they also possess other types of intelligence, the energy of one plus one being greater than two may be generated through alternate application of the intelligence. The future potential fields of development include: Those with strong intelligence of self-introspection and languages will become missionaries or religious leaders; if they also possess the intelligence of observation, detection and intuition, they may potentially become judges. For designers in any industry, in addition to the intelligence of research and development, they also require self-introspection intelligence to create better designs, while successful entrepreneurs not only need the intelligence of self-introspection, they also need superior interpersonal relationships, math, and logic intelligence etc.