Ten Intelligences

Divergent thinking and convergent thinking

The human brain contains two hemispheres: The right hemisphere controls imagination and divergent thinking for creativity, which is also expansion and dissemination thinking; the left hemisphere is in charge of convergent thinking for logic, analysis and detailed examination, in other words, it is the focused or converge thinking.

Divergent thinking is a unrestrained, boundless way of thinking, a simple description would be “Open Style Thinking”; when faced with something, divergent thinking searches for all possibilities through irregular methods and diverse directions. During the process of thinking, the train of thoughts are omni-directional and a multitude of options will be produced, creating all kinds of solutions with different categories and attributes.

Convergent thinking is a form of concentrated reasoning, it repeatedly examines thoughts that require the decision to accept or reject; in plain terms, it is called “Concentrated Thinking”. When faced with something, convergent thinking will evaluate the matters directly related to the object and determine the priority and order before examining the potential details and cause-effect relationship during the process of handling the matter. Furthermore, the convergent method will be used to screen, analyze, reason, notice every detail, make assessment and decision. This is the characteristic of convergent thinking.

Therefore, as far as the procedure for handling a matter is concerned, the matter passes through divergent thinking before being assessed by convergent thinking; by adding the various intelligence needed for implementation, an individual's smoothness and style when handling a matter will be formed. Consequently, whether it is right brain or left brain, divergence or convergence, once implementation is involved, the three energies of the executor will be tested; those with lower divergent thinking have a cluttered train of thought and are unable to devise more diverse plausible solutions. Those with lower convergence thinking energy are unable to assess the importance of matters or to analyze the priority of the handling process before making the decision. When actually implementing the matter, everyone’s intelligence energy will be involved, those with strong intelligence will handle the process smoothly and successfully, whereas those in the contrary will not be able to handle the matter as successfully.