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About 684899 Intelligent Shopping Mall

684899 Intelligent Shopping Mall was set up in 2007. Ever since then, it has been working on promoting ten major intellectual concepts, endeavoring to retrieve and develop potential intellectual abilities of everyone, acting as the exclusive online master distributor for intellectual products of Lonpos Brainintelligent Co., Ltd. (“Lonpos”), and is the most professional distribution website of intellectual products online.

Other than the outstanding intellectual products of Lonpos, 684899 Intelligent Shopping Mall also works hard to collect intellectual products from the world to enhance intelligence, select the safest, most interesting, reliable and reputable products through several stages of verification, and provide the same to the vast consumers at the best price. The Company expects that the intelligence in children will be inspired through fun and interesting intellectual games that will help bring out the inherited basic intelligence. This goal forms the major path of 684899 Intelligent Shopping Mall, because we sincerely believe that cultivating children’s intelligence develops human civilization, improves the country, and also has direct influence on whether the children will have higher achievement and be happy.

684899 Intelligent Shopping Mall holds the spirit of “once a customer, forever a customer”, and tries the best to provide permanent services to the customers. Regardless whether the products purchased by you have lost parts and accessories, are damaged or defective, we will endeavor to provide the best after sale service to you. If you have any inquiry as to the information of each intelligence or intellectual product, please contact us through our website or 684899 Intelligent Shopping Mall. We will try our best to serve you.



** Profile of Lonpos **

Lonpos Brainintelligent Co., Ltd. was established in 1985. During the past twenty something years, Lonpos has been specialized in the research, development, design and manufacture of several excellent intellectual products. All products of Lonpos are developed, designed, produced, manufactured and packaged in Taiwan. It has sold its products using the Lonpos brand name to more than forty countries in the world and earns general good comments universally. Lonpos will keep researching, developing and manufacturing more interesting and better intellectual products with the ultimate goal of improving the overall intelligence of human being. www.lonpos.cc