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From:jojomanija 2013/4/28
Hello, i've my all lonpos 101 figures ut i've lost the book with the levels.Maybe someone could send me it on e[-mail so i could print it? or is there any online website where i can find it?
Reply from: 684899
Dear Customer

Thank you for your enquiry and your support to Lonpos puzzles.
We are sorry that we don’t have the service of replacement of booklet. But you can visit Lonpos official website for weekly challenges.
Please let us know if there is anything we can help you.
684899 Customer Service

From:Miss Liselotte Frejdig 2013/2/4
Hello Lonpos!
I just wanted to thank you for the Colorful Cabin game! So far, I solved around 150 games and have photodocumented all of my sollutions. I wonder when the puzzle books that are mentioned in the instruction booklet will come? I've looked on www.lonpos.cc, but didn't saw a trace of it.. Kepp up the good work!! Best Lonpos-wishes Miss Liselotte Frejdig, Sweden
Reply from: 684899
Thank you very much for your purchase of LONPOS puzzles through our website.
Regarding your query, please visit link below for more series of Lonpos Colorful Cabin.

Thank you again for your message. Please let us know if there is any questions.


684899 Customer Service

From:Channa Duchne 2012/7/20
My grandson loves the game, took it home,and lost the instruction book. Is it possible to receive another instruction booklet in English?
Thank you , in advance.
My address is:
4,HaShoshanim Street Herzlia Israel.

My e-mail address is: channadu@gmail.com
Reply from: 684899
Dear Channa Duchne,

Please be advised that currently we dont offer the books replacement service. We only have the missing puzzle pieces replacement service at this mean while, maybe you could find a new one from Lonpos. Please try to contact the Lonpos, its URL is www.lonpos.cc

If you have any question, please let me know.


684899 Customer Service

From:Ingrid 2012/7/9
My accountID is: imorel. Thanks.
Reply from: 684899
Dear Ingrid

It has been deleted.

If you have further question, please feel free to let us know.

684899 Customer Service

From:Ingrid 2012/7/6
I would like to resign as a member. How can I delete my account?
Reply from: 684899
Dear Ingrid

Please offer your account ID so that I can delete it.

684899 Customer Service

From:Stu 2012/7/4
Hi Sir,

I get a little confused, there seems to be many kinds of games in your website.
Which section should I go first?
And which area is most suitable for me?

Reply from: 684899
Thanks for your question.

First, you need to identify what do you need in advance.
Second, if you are a toy agent, then you can enter the bulk sale area.
If you are a customer, you can enter the show room section or so on.
If you are a puzzle maniac, you can enter the craft area.

To shorten your surveying time, the most important is to understand what do you need in advance.


684899 customer service

From:Marc 2012/6/11
Why I cannot find some of your products on Ebay?

There are just 505, 101 and Cosmic??

I do not want to be charged with freight, so purchasing one
from your website is not an option to me

THen, where can I buy other games such as Coco Cross anyway?
Reply from: 684899
Dear Marc

Yes, those games you mentioned above are all authorized in Europe and N America, I suppoes you are one from there.

Unfortunately, if youd like to have a Coco Cross, the only way to have it is buying from us.

Maybe in the future, you would find it on the area you are living in.

As to freight, if the amount is over 60USD and you wont be charged any freight.

IF you have further question, write to 684899@gmail.com


684899 Customer Service

From:Rene 2012/6/1

I need a block replacement

I asked the store I bought from and they said they do not
offer any replacement.

I need the Green E one, and I do not know how to get it.

please tell me what to do and it will be appreciated.

Reply from: 684899
Dear Rene

please sign up on our website, and check the page of block replacement

Select the one you lost and you will only be charged the freight. then you are done.

If you have other questions, please feel free to let me know.

684899 Customer Service

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