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From:Allen Here 2011/4/21
Dear Sirs,i've made an order, what time will i get my items?
Reply from: 684899
Dear Allen,

Thanks for your question, after your order checked, it will take around 7 days to be shipped to your side.
Hope my answer will be useful for you.
If you have any question, please tell us.

684899 Customer Service

From:Antje 2011/1/2
Since I first discovered a Lonpos 101 in my local toy store, me and a friend of mine are totally addicted. Meanwhile we both got the Lonpos Colorful Cabin and the Cosmic Creatures as well. It's so much fun with all the different levels and solutions! Thanks a lot for making really smart puzzle games.
Reply from: 684899
Dear Antje,

Thanks for your message, this inspires us so much.
We set this website to borrow all funny games to each puzzle fans, though currenty we only have lonpos series. But we believe that we will have many kinds of games to offer the players.


From:hayley haney 2010/7/29
Brillient game were all hooked on it.My daughter spilt a drink on out lonpos 505 book now the pages are stuck is there any way to pay for a new book thanks hayley.

Reply from: 684899
Dear Hayley Haney,

First, we appreciated that you purchased Lonpos games.
As to the lost booklet, would you please contact the shop which you bought from?
I believe that they will be happy to serve you.

Currently we 684899 dont have the booklet replacement service, maybe we will do that in a few days later.
If you have any question, please feel free to let me know.

Kindly Regards,

684899 Braintelligent Mall

From:Anti 2009/12/15

How do you ship my goods?
And how many days will my goods arrive at my home?
Please let me know as soon as possible sence my son's birthday is coming.

thanks and regards,
Reply from: 684899
Hi Anti,

After your order confirm, we will mail your order to the address you write by EMS.
The EMS usually needs 7 to 10 days to ship.
If you need other shippment ex.UPS or TNT, you will need to pay this charge.
Hope my answer is useful for you.

Happy birthday to your son!!


684899 customer service

From:Tomi 2009/12/15
Hi Sir,

I get a little confused, there seems to be many kinds of games in your website.
Which section should I go first?
And which area is most suitable for me?


Reply from: 684899
Hi Tomi,

Thanks for your question.

First, you need to identify what do you need in advance.
Second, if you are a toy agent, then you can enter the bulk sale area.
If you are a customer, you can enter the show room section or so on.
If you are a puzzle maniac, you can enter the craft area.

To shorten your surveying time, the most important is to understand what do you need in advance.


684899 customer service

From:Howard 2009/12/9

I love your website and your puzzles.
Do you offer other puzzles except Lonpos series?
I mean is there any other puzzles I can choose.
Please let me know, thanks.
Reply from: 684899
Hi Howard,

Thanks for your question.
Yes, at this mean while we have only Lonpos puzzles.
But soon we will have our own items, it is a totally different puzzle.
Please kindly be advised that I can tell you too much now.
I am sure it will be so amazing, fun, and easy to play.
Just be patience and wait for it released.
It will not make you disappointed.

684899 customer service

From:George 2009/12/9
I am a toy agent from New Zealand and I want to order some puzzles to test the market.
Do you have any special offer for me?
If yes, where can I find them?
Reply from: 684899
Hi George,

Thanks for your favor of Lonpos puzzles.
As you are a agent, I suggest you can enter the bulk sale area to find the cheaper package.
In the bulk sale area, we offer more quanity and less price to make sure your benefits.
You can see that the price of one is much more expensive than the unit price of 96 pcs.
If you want to make a bigger order, I suggest you order in the bulk sale area.
Thanks for your question.

684899 customer service

From:Scott Twu 2009/9/17
Can you send your products to New York for me?
Reply from: 684899
Hi Scott,

Of course we do, we send to all major cities all the world.
Thanks for your question.
If you have any question, please feel free to let me know.

684899 customer service

From:Marry 2009/12/9
How can I make the payment?
I've selected several items I like very mush.
but I can't find how should I pay.
Reply from: 684899
Hi Marry,

Thanks for your favor of our goods.
Currently we only accept credit card, in the near future we will think about the pay pal.
Our website has SSL-128 privacy protection, please dont worry about your private information.
Our system will protect it carefully.

684899 customer service

From:Almond 2009/12/9
I can find my country in the register system, how can I buy Lonpos 4D?
Reply from: 684899
Hi Almond,

Well, we select several countries in our list. We can not choose too many countries otherwise the registeration will get so complicted.
Please kindly be advised that if you cant find your country, you can type your country or contect scott.684899@gmail.com, thanks.

684899 customer service
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