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From:Datona Miles 2012/1/18
Hey, i saw that there are so many games with brains benefits in your site. Are they all useful for brains? Do you have any brains certification?
Reply from: 684899
Dear Datona Miles,

Thanks for your question, as i know, there has no brains

certification items in the market. The Lonpos products have

been selected as many teachers first and best choice, and

got many awards. All the Lonpos items is designed base on

exercising ones brains and thanks people like them and

indeed feel good for their brains.

You can survey the awards in google.

If you have any question, please feel free to let me know.

Best Regards,

684899 Braintelligent

exercise their brains.

From:Alibaba 2012/1/17
Dear Sirs/Madams,

Were your products sold in Arab? I've watched so many toy

stores but can't find brains benefit toys in them. Please

let me know your Arab agent or distributor, thanks.

Reply from: 684899
Dear Alibaba,

Currently we dont have agents and distributors in Arab, but

we will discuss with the local store after some business

discussion, maybe some days later. Now if you are urgent for

Lonpos items, please do our online order to get what you

want, thanks.

Kindly Regards,

Scott Tu
684899 Braintelligent

From:Mrs. Slade 2012/1/16
Hearing that Coco Cross is released, I wonder where can I purchase it in the states?

Reply from: 684899
Dear Mrs. Slade,

Yes, CoCo Cross is released, a few days later it will be on

our shelves, when it starts to sales, you can order it from

our site. The Lonpos USA agent now have no idea to import

CoCo Cross the his country. I am sorry that now you cant

buy it from the USA local store.

If you have any question, please email to 684899@gmail.com

I will do my best to help you.

Kindly Regards,

684899 Customer Service

From:ED. Dampier 2012/1/13
I have bought the Lonpos 505, and i finished many challenges

in it, but unfortunately, there are still some challenges i

can't finish left. If you have some idea, would you please

to help me? I don't like the feeling that giving up halfway.

I'll appreciate what you can offer, thanks.

Reply from: 684899
Dear ED. Dampier,

Good day to you and thanks for your purchase of Lonpos

products. For the hints of unsolved challenges, please enter

below URL to make confirmation :


There are so many hints for Lonpos games. If you cant find

what you want, please feel free to contact me.

Scott Tu

From:Wei Chou 2012/1/12
Dear 684899 stuff,

Thank you for your assistance when each time i apply

building blocks, i love Lonpos games and play it almost

every day, even when i go a trip, i bring it with me to have

a nice trip. That's why i apply so many times, i am much

appreciated with that you are so patient to me. I will go

your shop to buy some good items in my order, 84T should be

my current choice now.

Thanks again.

Wei Chou

Reply from: 684899
Dear Mr. Chou,

Thanks for your appreciation of our service, we aim to

provide the best after sales service, we are glad that you

love it and can give us good praise, we will continue to

offer the service we should do and to serve you.

If you have any question, please leave your information to

let us know.

Hope you can enjoy the 84T fun as other games you purchased.

Scott Tu
684899 Braintelligent

From:Cathy Young 2012/1/10
Dear Sir,

I am sure that i can get my items because i've purchased

many times,, but i have a suggestion for you, if people

come your site to make purchase, they must be afraid that

they can't get goods after they pay.

If you can make more assurance, i believe there will be

more benefits for you.

That's only a small suggestion for you.


Reply from: 684899
Dear Cathy,

Thank you for your suggestion, you idea will be very good

for us, i will forward your information to our programmer

and to seek a way of adding more selling way to add more


Best Regards,

Scott Tu
684899 Braintelligence

From:Melly Kelly 2012/1/5
Dear Sir,

If i order your goods, how much time do i need to wait for

it arrive at my home? Is there anyway to shorten the days it

takes so as that i can play it as soon as possible.

Hope you can answer my question, thanks.

Reply from: 684899
Dear Melly Kelly,

Thanks for your question, because of the oversea freight

costs much, our company could not able to absorb the freight

of DHL or UPS, the EMS shipping way is the best way to ship

your goods at this mean while.

If you have any question, please feel free to let me know.

Best Regards,

Scott Tu
684899 Braintelligent

From:Kenneth 2012/1/2
Hey~it's me again
I bought Colorful Cabin two days ago.
and I love the arrangement of challenges as in cue cards.
Thoguh I have a question that what if I cant find solutions? Where can I get hints?
Thank you and Happy New Year
Reply from: 684899
Dear Kenneth,

Thanks for your purchase, and you should get a lot of fun in

it. Please do your all efforts to finish the preset

challenges. There are not solutions offered by us, but you

can discuss them with the friends. And you can find hints

via the Lonpos official sit, its URL is


You can find all the Lonpos hints in the page, if you have

any other question, please feel free to let me know.

Best Regards,

Scott Tu
684899 Braintelligent

From:Twistter 2011/12/26
Is the price right? I found another price in other website and it is such big gap between yours and others.
Reply from: 684899
Dear Twistter,

Our price is right based on our detail calculation, the

reason why our price is a little high is that we have added

the overseas freight in the price. If you watch the same

item in the other site, you will find it should not add the

freight yet. Thats why our price is different from theirs.

If you have any question, please feel free to let me know.

Kindly Regards,

Scott Tu
684899 Braintelligent

From:Gabrielle 2011/12/23
I am thinking of buying a puzzle from you after I saw the interesting video of yours on youtube.
BUT I dont know whether I am satisfed or suitable with your puzzles.
What I am trying to say is, if I figure that I dont like it after played, can I get refunded?
Reply from: 684899
Dear Gabrielle,

In Taiwan we do this service for all our customers once they

are not satisfied what they buy. But for the foreign buyer,

we currently dont offer it considering about the overseas

shipment. Please be advised that the shipping cost will be

a large amount. So please confirm whats your best choice.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact our

customer service.

Kindly Regards,

Customer Service
684899 Braintelligent

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