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From:Satarii 2011/10/18
That's would be great you dont charge any fee for shipping
btw, what do you mean by "EMS"?
And thanks for fast answearing. I can tell that 684899 works really hard to run the online shop from it.
Reply from: 684899
Dear Satarii,

Thank you for your appreciation. EMS means the Express Mail Service, it is the way that goods are shipped by post office, but the faster way than usual.

We hope our customers can receive their order the sooner the better. It is our aim.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

684899 Braintelligent
Customer Service

From:Satarii 2011/10/17
okay, obviously this is the only way to get your toy.
I am in Bangkok, so, could you provide me the steps for ordering from this website? I am kind of confused.
and how much is the shipping fee?
Reply from: 684899
Dear Satarii,

Thank you for your understanding, when ordering in our site,

please sign up as our member first, then survey and search

the toy you want, purchase and enter you own information.

Please be advised that the our checking list will be showed

in Taiwan Dollars, not USD or EUD, but the money will be

same, please dont worry. And the shipping cost will be free

when ordering in our site, and we always mail customers

goods by EMS.

684899 Braintelligent Customer Service

From:I want my booklet back 2011/10/14
I lost my booklet, how can I get a new one?
Last week I went to the store where I bought lonpos 101, they suggested me to get a solution on the internet.
That totally sucks.
Reply from: 684899
Dear Customer,

Please be advised that currently we dont offer the books replacement service. We only have the missing puzzle pieces replacement service at this mean while, maybe you could find a new one from Lonpos. Please try to contact the Lonpos, its URL is www.lonpos.cc

If you have any question, please let me know.


684899 Customer Service

From:Kenneth 2011/10/12
I like the NEWS stuff, fast updated and I got various knowledge from different category of area and aspects.
That's all what I want to say.
Hope you can keep working hard on it
Thanks again.
Reply from: 684899
Dear Kenneth,

Thanks for your appreciation, we will keep offer more and

more useful news for you. Please continue to follow our news



684899 Customer Service

From:Satarii 2011/9/29
where can I get your toys in Bangkok?
A friend of mine recommends buying your toy as a gift for my kid's birthday.
but I am not willing to make order online becuz the shipping fee.
plz tell me any stores where sells your toys in Bangkok
Reply from: 684899
Dear Satari,

Thanks for your question.
Now we dont have distributor in Bangkok, maybe in the near future we will do. At this mean while please order through our online shop. Please let me know your any further question, i will do my best to support you.

Best Regards,

Scott Tu
684899 Customer Service

From:Berenike 2011/9/26
Hi there
I'd love to buy Lonpos 101 for my 3yr kid
Do you think it is a good idea cuz I worry my kid would put it into his mouth or swallow it.
Does the product have something like a national guarantee?

Reply from: 684899
Dear Berenike,

Thanks for your question, i will suggest you to buy the 4D with junior kid version instruction; we dont offer the insurance guarantee but we have ST certification showing that it suits kids more than 3year old. If your kid is too young, please take care of your son when he is playing. ^_^

684899 Customer Service

From:Alex 2011/9/23
I wanted to sign up as a member
But it seems not working after I filled the application up.
and I dont know why.
Are there any steps I missed?
I don’t receive a mail from you.
I suppose it means I failed applying
Can you guys check it out for me?

Alex, NY
Reply from: 684899
Dear Alex,

Thanks for your question, Ive checked our database and didnt find your name. Would you please sign up again? I think maybe there some errors occurred when you register your information.
after your signing up, i will prepare one gift for you.

684899 Customer Service

From:Henri Jaspers 2011/6/3
I just wanted to leave a message here for all the world to read it.
I am one of the biggest fans of LonPos brain puzzles.
I own almost everyone of them.
The fun thing is, these puzzle games are great for all ages, from 4 to 99. We always take a few of them with us on vacation. On a camping you always find kids interested in them and they love ot play with these games.

I just hope more different types keep coming out, so I can keep getting them.
To all people in the world : watch out, these games are addictive!!!
Reply from: 684899
Dear Henri,

Your message is so exciting for us, we really appreciated that you love Lonpos puzzles and launch our service, next time when you come to Taiwan, maybe we can have a nice afternoon tea.

My sincere wish,


From:Annie Masuger 2011/5/30

Would you please let me know when will i receive the puzzle gift?
Reply from: 684899
Dear Annie,

Good day to you and thanks for your message.
As the shipment needs to be shipped overseas, so it needs to take around 7 days to be your side. To get one free puzzle gift will be worth such time, right?
Sincerely hope you will get full puzzle fun at that time.

Scott Tu
Sales Department
684899 Braintelligent

From:Daniels Kukoc 2011/5/9
Dear Sir,

Do you provide the games of play ground? I mean, does it have files to download?
Reply from: 684899
Dear Daniels,

Thanks that you love our online game. Iam sorry that we

currently dont offer any files. We just hope everyone can

enjoy his puzzle fun in our site. But we will think over

your idea, thanks.

684899 Sales Department

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