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Cubic Blocks Replacement

Cubic Blocks currently suit Lonpos 84T & 84W, in the future, they will suit more Lonpos puzzles.

Because the cubic blocks are weight more and the manufacture cost is much more than others.

Please kindly be advised that we have to extra charge $100 NTDollar for each block.

We 684899 Braintelligent Mall will be very pleasure to serve you, thanks.

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Parts Name Serial No. Price Color Select
Cubic Block A B002-A 100 Yellow
Cubic Block B B002-B 100 Light Blue
Cubic Block C B002-C 100 Red
Cubic Block D B002-D 100 Green
Cubic Block E B002-E 100 Purple
Cubic Block F B002-F 100 Orange
Cubic Block G B002-G 100 Light Green
Cubic Block H B002-H 100 Deep Blue
Cubic Block I B002-I 100 Light Purple
Cubic Block J B002-J 100 Light Grey
Cubic Block K B002-K 100 Sky Blue
Cubic Block L B002-L 100 Brown
Cubic Block M B002-M 100 Fuchsia
Cubic Block N B002-N 100 Pink
Cubic Block O B002-O 100 White
Cubic Block P B002-P 100 Coffee
Cubic Block Q B002-Q 100 Grey