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Cosmic Creature Blocks Replacement

Lonpos Cosmic Creature took 21 years of designing and investing. (1890~2010)

As it is the Lonpos 2010 brand new item, the replacement replacement supply also support it too.

Its different might cause you confused when you wanna do this replacement.

Please watch the pictures in our page and find which block you miss.

Correctly do it will lead you have more fun in your games.

Parts Name Serial No. Price Color Select
Cosmic Block F B004-F 0 White
Cosmic Block L B004-L 0 Grey
Cosmic Block B B004-B 0 Red
Cosmic Block H B004-H 0 Fachsio
Cosmic Block D B004-D 0 Pink
Cosmic Block Light K B004-K 0 Light Green
Cosmic Block Sky G B004-G 0 Sky Blue
Cosmic Block E B004-E 0 Green
Cosmic Block C B004-C 0 Blue
Cosmic Block J B004-J 0 Purple
Cosmic Block I B004-I 0 Yellow
Cosmic Block A B004-A 0 Orange