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Fifty Sides Blocks Replacement1

Fifty Sides Blocks are the Lonpos newest puzzle blocks, you will see that they occurred in the new Lonpos Puzzles.

Each of the Fifty Sides block has fifty sides in order to make more different handling feeling and playing fun. The new combination of these new blocks will make all new challenges and the new game plate will lead you have total new puzzle experience.

The Fifty Sides Blocks will assist Lonpos Crazy Collect puzzle game and following several Lonpos new puzzles. Are you ready to receive the all new brains sports!?

If you lose your Fifty Sides Blocks, you can launch this replacement service to get the new blocks for free, except a little freight. Please be advised that our service and blocks are all free but players like you need to be charged a little (USD 3.4575) to cover the shipment. And bases on the freight, you can apply 3 Fifty Sides Blocks one time.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us as scott.684899@gmail.com, we will do our best to serve you.

Parts Name Serial No. Price Color Select
Fifty Sides Block A B006-A 0 Light Green
Fifty Sides Block B B006-B 0 Yellow
Fifty Sides Block C B006-C 0 Blue
Fifty Sides Block D B006-D 0 Sky Blue
Fifty Sides Block E B006-E 0 Red
Fifty Sides Block F B006-F 0 Purple
Fifty Sides Block G B006-G 0 Green