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Lonpos 84T-Braintelligent

Serial No. : 888095-A
Fixed Price : NT$4,096.-
Selling Price : NT$4,096.-
Special Offer : NT$3,584.-
Material : ABS & Paper
Made in : Taiwan
Package Size : 280 x 230 x 13 mm
Age Group : 6 years old to 106 years old
Suitable for : Babies Before School Primary Students
Pregnant Women Senior Citizens
Level : Easy Medium Difficult Very Difficult
Language : Traditional Chinese English Jananese German Spanish
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Purchase Quantity: set(s)
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Arrangement of puzzles in sequential order!
Lonpos 84T-Braintelligent includes the easiest to the most difficult challenges, which are divided into 12 levels.
Starting from very basic; Lonpos 84T-Braintelligent is designed to suit ones whose Intelligence Quotient(IQ) ranging from 28 to 280.
To enable full enjoyment of the masterpiece, the result of several years intensive brainwork, please start the game from puzzle 001 in the first level.
After you feel at ease solving all the puzzles in first level, you may proceed to second level, then the third, the fourth,…and finally, to challenge quiz 432 in the twelfth level.
Only by following every step in the charted courses you can fully experience the essence of fun that has been painfully designed for this game.

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Package include:

1.Lonpos 84T-Braintelligent game plate * 1
2.Colorful instruction manual with 36 challenges * 1
3.Colorful book with 432 challenges * 1
4.Colorful block * 17

The estimated weights of this game in the 10 different intelligent aspects (Maximum mark: 10)

Body activity 3   Self-introspection 4  
Math and logistic 8   Observation 7  
Vision and space 9   Reserch and Development 1  
Languages 1   Art creation 1  
Interpersonal relationships 7   Divination 4  

Detailed Instructions:



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1.Children should be accompanied by parents or adults while playing this game.
2.Please do not put the building blocks into the mouth to prevent choking and swallowing.
3.Please do not throw the building blocks at people.
4.Please keep away from fire and high temperature to prevent deformed.